Berrian Soveliss

A powerful Life-Stealer Warlock with a long-dead, archaic version of the Infernal Pact.


In his youth, Berrian was very ambitious. At one point in his life he was the apprentice of a ranger, but when he stumbled upon an ancient ritual that would bind his soul to a devil granting him awesome power, he lept at the chance. He forsook his master and traveled far and wide having many adventures.

At the age of 30 Berrian settled down in a small town. He planned to live out his days until his death when his immortal soul would pass from his body not to the Shadowfell as most, but instead his soul would go to the devils, for one does not get something for nothing…

But recently Berrian’s life has become far more exciting. At his tender age of 45 he has recently started using his infernal powers once more. Though still he fears what will happen to him, after all, the more he uses his powers the more the devil’s power takes hold of him…

At one point in his life, Berrian was so attuned to his devil that it manifested itself on the material plane, and when it did, it took hold of Berrian’s mind and slaughtered his entire village. The devil had control of him for seven days and nearly seven nights, but Berrian eventually broke free. When he did, he fought the devil, and though he almost died, he won.

It wasn’t until a good many years had passed that he was once again faced with deadly peril. Faced with a horde of water-beasts, he instinctively called upon the ancient powers so long lost to him. And when he sent up the call, the devil that he had defeated so long ago, answered…

Berrian Soveliss

A calling to honor Vairis