Jett DryFrost

Young Windsouled Genasi that is the youngest male heir in a powerful clan




Jett is the youngest male heir to a powerful clan of genasi. His forefathers started a fortress in the one place their enemies would never come for them. They built their civilization upon the Bleak Mountains located in the middle of the Grayshadi Desert. A land where the only source of water is the frost on the mountains and the nights become unforgivingly cold. Failing to rise to the expectations of his elders Jett fled his home on a trade caravan. Being the sole survivor of a brutal raid on the caravan he left hoping that the word would reach his father of his death. He traveled to the nearest city and became a freelance caravan guard. He worked not for money but to travel and learn more about magic and become and artificer. He became stronger and farther from his home as time passed. He has joined on to a supply caravan this time hoping new lands would bring him something better.

-oddly enough he still uses his clan’s signature weapon, the devastating throwing hammer of the his family of warlords; and uses devastating attacks known of desert folk.

Jett DryFrost

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