A calling to honor

Chapter 3: Hammers and Demons

As Blake lay dieing, two new characters enter out story. Jett Dryfrost was a genasi who had fled his home in the southern deserts and was an acomplished artificer. He was headed toward Birgu as a bodygaurd to the merchant Corvus, a kindly old man who was one of Jett’s only friends. Berrian Soveliss,meanwhile, was a shadowy warlock with a strange demonic pact, who was actually a resident of Birgu (as it’s small size ensured he’d never have to use his demonic powers, which had come to frighten him), but had been away on buisness, and had joined Jett and Corvus on the road to his hometown. However, some way into the forest a knight stood blocking their path. Ignorant toward the events that happened eariler at Birgu, they were pleased when they identified him as a member of the famed Army of Bahumut. However, as they approached him they could hear what sounded like battle further into the forest, and the knight himself acted very strangely, telling them gruffly to leave imedeiatly. Undaunted, Jett approached him further and saw around him, deeper into the forest, that there was a great battle going on between the diabolical water creatures and the survivors from Birgu. The knight attacked the party, mortally wounding Corvus before being overwhelemed by Jett’s hammer and Berrian’s magics. However, by the time they intervened and turned the tables on the water creatures all of the civilians were dead, and the only survivors were two arbacusers. After having most of their force crushed/vaporized by Jett and Berrian, the water creatures mysteriously retreated. While Berrian treated the wounded arbacusers, Jett vainly attempted to save his friend Corvus, who in his dieing breath beqothed his remainin possesions to his artificer friend. Sadened, the party (with the suriviors) made its way to Birgu. When they arrived, they saw six Paladins of Bahumut and a mysterious hooded figure in the center of the village. Nearby were two more surviving soldiers and Blake Smith, whose wounds had been patched by the Paladins (although he was still unconsious). Bobert’s lifeless form was in the far corner of the village, slumped against a wall.

Chapter 2: Betrayal, Betrayed

As the dust settled from the great battle, our heroes took time to assess their situation. The mayor of Birgu was dead. The town was in ruins. And, worst of all, the water creatures would most likely be back. Many of the townspeople thought it would be best to abandon their homes and flee to the empire. However, the valiant Blake decided to stay in Birgu, and wait for reinforcements from the Army of Bahamut. He sent the women and children to flee toward the Empire, while the men remained to build barricades around the town.

After many hours of back-breaking labor, the townsfolk succeeded in building a barricade three feet high and several wide, so it was possible to stand comfortably atop the wall. Just as they finished building the last section of wall, a lookout spoted movement in the forest. The Water Creatures had returned.

The water creature assault was ferocious. Time and again the beasts clambered onto the wall only to be thrown back by the town’s spearmen. Blake stood atop a small tower in the center of town, raining death upon the attacking foes with this greatbow. Bobert’s magic cut swaths through the enemy ranks. And yet, it was not enough. The spearmen were soon overwhelmed, and the enemy commander climed the tower and engaged Blake, sword on sword. It seemed as if all was lost.

Bobert, p. however, would not be bested by creatures. He and the mysterious stranger were able to throw the water creatures back from the wall, killing most of their remaining opponents. Blake sent his sword crashing down upon the enemy commander’s skull, cleaving it in two. The remaining water creatures turned to flee but were cut down as the Army of Bahamut arrived. The day was won.

The Army of Bahamut approached the town, asking entrance, which Blake readily granted them. Blake then recounted all that happened to the Paladin commander.
“An army of swamp creatures, you say?” said the head Paladin.
“Yes, controlled by a powerful magician, we believe.” responded Blake. The Paladins glanced at each other, and began to slowly move toward their weapons. The mysterious stranger silently slipped away.
“In that case,” quoth the Paladin, “thou shall never again see the light of day!” With that, he crashed his broadsword into Blake’s chest, sending him sprawling. Forewarned, Bobert put up gallant resistance, but the Paladins quickly overwhelmed him.

Chapter 1: The Secret of the Swamp

The village of Birgu was dieing. Located deep in a forest on the edge of a thriving empire, Birgu was being left behind in the sea of time, a nearly forgotten holding far from any trade routes or significant natural resources. With no way to compete in the new economy of the age, most of its citizens drifted away, and the town will soon be left in darkness…

However, some townspeople, whether for personal or financial reasons, remained in the fading village. Among them was a magician by the name of Turgut and his son Brobert. Though he lived far from the center of town, Turgut was well respected within the village, and his son was a diligent and faithful student. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately, depending on your viewpoint), young Brobert was rash and often somewhat arrogant in his display of skill. Thus, when on one fine afternoon Turgut allowed his son some free time in the village, he promptly sought the town tavern and demanded that some patron guide him to the nearby swamp, which he intended to cleanse of all evil. A mysterious Ranger agreed to lead him. As the approached the swamp he and his compatriot were set upon by wolfs. As the pair battled the wolfs, they were joined by a friendly Paladin, Blake Smith.

Blake Smith’s father was a rich merchant who paid for his son to join the prestigious Army of Bahamut. This was the young man’s first assignment, to scout toward Birgu and back. As he passed the swamp he saw our intrepid adventures being attacked and charged into the fray. He thrust his valuable sword at a wolf, but his aim was off, sending his blade plunging into the swamp so deep he could not recover it. Meanwhile, the Ranger killed two wolfs with his great bow, and Brobert had the upper hand over his opponent. However, he unwisely cast the wolf into the swamp. The Ranger was absolutely livid, but it was to late. From the disturbed water rose a horde of water creatures, commanded by a powerful magician. Blake promptly ran for his life, while Brobert used his powers to fell many an enemy until he too was forced to withdraw. The water creatures were armed with a dizzying array of weapons, ranging from devices that shot acid, others that shot a sticky substance that choked the life from it’s victims, and warriors with halberds charged with lightening.

Our heroes returned to the village in with the horde of water creatures at their heels. They quickly raised the town alarm, and set up defenses to stop their foes. Blake and the town militia set up a skirmish line slightly back from the town gate, while Brobert cleverly hid just inside the gate in the shadows. Despite their preparations, the battle was still closely fought. The enemy commander was the first through the gate, but he was nearly felled by an arrow fired by Blake. Unfortunately, the the rest of the water creatures flooded through the gate after him, incensed by the wounding of their leader. The town militia loosed a volley from their few arquebuses and charged with spears and swords. The mayor’s personal retainers engaged the enemy commander, who, despite his grievous injuries continued to fight with inhuman skill. Blake felled several more water creatures with his bow, but soon became the target of much enemy fire. Burned by acid and reeling from several wounds, he was forced to dive behind the town’s barricade. Brobert, meanwhile, used his nature powers to fell many opponents, and it seemed as if the battle would soon be won. Suddenly, a massive creature broke through the gate. It seemed to be the same species as the other water creatures, but was many times as tall, and was being directed by another water created, wielding a massive halberd, from its back. This thing grabbed at Brobert, who swiftly doged out of the way, only to be sorely wounded by the rider’s halberd. The water creature commander, moreover, had quickly smitten on of the mayor’s retainers and rounded on the second one. Luckily, the Ranger and Blake were able to kill the remaining lesser water creatures, and an arquebuser smote the enemy commander with a well-placed shot. All that remained was the massive creature. Brobert used his powers to break the halberd embedded in his shoulder, but the thing was able to pick him up and throw him into the town skirmish line. The creature approached the stunned villagers, fully expecting to finish off their pathetic resistance, when his rider was flung from his saddle by a miraculous shot by Blake. The creature went mad, flailing and stamping about (breaking Blake’s greatbow in the process) before returning to the swamp. The day had been won, but at what cost…
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